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6 Tips to Create Positive Workout Motivation

We all struggle with motivation from time to time. Often we procrastinate doing something when we, well, don’t want to do it. If you need to get motivated, start making your experience a positive one. Be sure to use these

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Boost Your Metabolism With Water

For as long as we can remember healthcare professionals, coaches, and moms everywhere have been telling us to drink plenty of water. But did you know that drinking water can help you lose weight and boost your metabolism?

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What it Takes to Get Beach Body Ready

It’s starting to get a little warmer and a little sunnier. As you start to plan your trips to the beach, do you have what it takes to get your beach body? In short, yes you do.

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The Sprinter and the Marathoner: A Tale of Two Workout Routines

People believe the amount of time spent working out directly reflects their fitness results. However, how you spend your time working out matters much more than the amount of time spent working out. In the case of getting physically fit,

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Boost Your Metabolism For Better Sleep

We spend ⅓ of our lives sleeping. It’s no wonder that it plays an important role to our metabolism.

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Workout Motivation Quotes to Get You Started

Take a quick look at these quotes to get the workout motivation you need to get started.

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4 Science Tested HIIT Workouts That Work

Throughout the years, and all over the world,  people have been testing the effects of high intensity interval training versus regular steady state exercise. Here you will find 4 different HIIT workouts that you can try that are have been

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Breaking HIIT Down: Burning Fat

All you need to know is that HIIT is a better fat burning workout than steady state exercise. Why does it burn fat better than jogging or other kinds of aerobics? Read on to find out.

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A 2×6 Gym

How much space do you need when it comes to working out at home?

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The 7 Simple Steps for Better Fitness Goals

Did you follow these simple steps the last time you set a goal? Often times people make goals for themselves and but fail to reach them, not because a lack of ambition, but often times a lack of clarity. Below

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