Boost Your Metabolism With Water

Boost Your Metabolism with Water

For as long as we can remember healthcare professionals, coaches, and moms everywhere have been telling us to drink plenty of water. But did you know that drinking water can help you lose weight and boost your metabolism?

Yes, water can help you lose fat. In fact, drinking water creates an effect of thermogenesis in the body. What happens is the body increases heat production. This is something that mammals do, which is no surprise since we are inherently warm creatures.

Strictly in scientific terms, heat is energy. And water is needed to create heat in the body and stimulate metabolism.

If you’re wondering how much water you need to drink to stimulate such a response the answer lies in a study done by Michael Boschmann and a team of scientists in Germany.

According to the study done on the effects of water and thermogenesis in the body, subjects drank 500 mL of water after not eating for 12.5 hours.  Within 10 minutes, temperatures started to rise and the effects maximized around 40 minutes and lasted a little more than an hour.

What’s interesting about the subjects in the study is that by drinking only 500 mL of water, roughly a 16 oz. glass, they were able to increase their metabolism by 30%.

In the same study, scientists speculated that if you drink a total of 2 liters a day you’ll be expending 200 kJ of heat. Over the length of a year, that comes out to about the same amount of energy stored in 5 lbs of fat. And your body will tap into those sources of energy thus melting some fat away over time.

Yes, we’re telling you that you can burn off 5 lbs of fat just by increasing your water intake. It’s probably one of the easiest things that you can do that will help your metabolism and additional fat loss.

But beyond boosting the metabolism, water is important to our health. Our body is made up of more than 60% water. Thus it’s vital to replenish fluids throughout the day to have a body that works as efficiently and effectively as possible.

So the next time you want to nod your head and roll your eyes when a person tells you to “Drink lots of water regularly”, listen to the old adage and do it. The benefits are numerous for your metabolism and It actually helps you lose some fat!

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