About Us

About Us

Always Growing, Pushing Forward, and Getting Better

We’re Alex and Tim Ruben. The thing that mattered the most to us when we were growing up was playing sports. Our lives revolved around it. Our family was deeply involved in it. And we accomplished some pretty great things. In 15 years of playing we managed to:

  • Win Championships
  • Train with Pro Athletes
  • Learn from top Professional Trainers
  • Get awarded some of the most prestigious awards in high school sports
  • Play Division 1 Football
  • Help Others Get Better

We are very proud of our accomplishments. We worked hard to excel in the gym and on the field. But working out to win games doesn’t matter to us anymore.

There are two things that matter the most to us now. First, we want to excel in life. That means we want to lead lives filled with rich experiences, purpose, and meaning.

Do you want to know what else matters to us? You. Not to be cliche, but you do. You matter to us because we decided we want to make the world a better place. We have a vision for that world. We decided it needs to be healthier and little more active than what it has become. If everyone was healthier and happier, wouldn’t our world be better? You’re part of that world so you matter to us.

You are the sole reason that we made Hiit Academy. We want to help you. We know that getting in shape is simple so long as you take action. And knowing which action to take to get the best results for your body is a specialty of ours. We’ll teach you what we know so you can put it to use and achieve higher levels of fitness and confidence. Oscar Wilde said, “The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on.”

Therefore, creating a place where people can learn about fitness and try new exercises was not only logical, it was necessary.

We’ll never stop getting better so long as we always expand our horizons.

There is plenty on this website to get you started, and we’ll always be updating it with new information. Our hopes is that you find something here that will help you grow.

Thanks for stopping by and keep on getting better!

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About Us

We’re Alex & Tim Ruben. Former Division 1 college football athletes turned HIIT and fat loss specialists. We’re here to teach you everything you need to know about getting and staying fit in less than 20 minutes a day!