6 Tips to Create Positive Workout Motivation

6 Tips to Create Positive Workout Motivation

We all struggle with motivation from time to time. Often we procrastinate doing something when we, well, don’t want to do it. If you need to get motivated, start making your experience a positive one. Be sure to use these tips to get the workout motivation that you need to get yourself going.

Here are some of the best ways that we have maintained positive workout motivation.

Listen to a Great Soundtrack

This is a staple for positive workout motivation. For a long time we would listen to the same workout mix everytime we exercised. We would go through many different phases of music and at times the same mix would be playing for months. Over time, the songs would be associated with working out. Much like Pavlov’s dogs, when we would hear certain songs we could feel the need to workout. Eventually all we would have to do is hum the tune to ourselves and we were ready to go! So every time “Push It to the Limit” comes on, you know we’re ready for a great workout.

Share Your Workout

We like to do this because when we share our workouts, it gives us opportunities to be rewarded for it. We will share them with each other, and often openly compliment what each other did. We share our workouts and ideas about exercise and it motivates us to keep working towards getting in the best shape we can possibly be in. There are so many ways to share your workouts, and it’s as easy as sharing it on your favorite social network of choice.

Get a Workout Partner

Working out alone is great for focus, but working out with like minded people is a great way to have fun. Workout motivation can come in the form of a friend, a training partner, or a personal trainer. Create a bond with someone over one the best things you could do for yourself – working out.

Reward Yourself

An old technique that we would use for workout motivation when we were younger was reward ourselves after a workout. We used to have tasty protein shakes after a training session. Soon we would be motivated to workout just to have the protein shake at the end. External rewards, such as a shake, can be a great way to get you moving. But you can also create workout motivation through an inner reward. Create a deep connection with the positive feelings a workout can produce. It’s powerful and subtle. You’d be surprised how much workout motivation you can create just by connecting to your body, and maybe flexing a little.

The Accountabilibuddy

When we’re feeling down, we call each other because we know that we’ll pick each other right back up. A person who can create positive feelings in you is a prime source for workout motivation. We call this person the “Accountabilibuddy”, or your buddy who keeps you accountable. They remind you why you’re doing something and that you’re more than capable of doing it. Find an accountabilibuddy that is on the same level as you are. Use them as often as needed. And be there for them as well. In fact, we feel just as good giving the workout motivation as we do receiving it.

Fake It Til You Make It

This is the fail safe, last resort piece of workout motivation that we use. Sometimes nothing else works and we have to generate the positive feelings ourselves. A great way to self generate the workout motivation that you need is to use the “Magic If”. Frame yourself in a different circumstance – play a little make believe, if you will.  Start by asking yourself, “What would I do IF(!) I was in the zone?”. Or, “How would I act IF(!) I was motivated to workout?”. Answer the question and then act it out. Let yourself be taken by the feelings you’re creating through action and eventually you will make it. This is a powerful tool to use if you’re the one generating the workout motivation.

These are the tips that we suggest you use the next time you need a little motivation to get your workout going. Use one or a combination of them and see which works best for you! Let us know what you tried and what you use in comments below!

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