The Gym-less Upper Body Workout

fitness modelThe push up can be considered a master exercise move. If used correctly, you could get an excellent upper body workout without any equipment and never leave your spot on the floor.

The push up is one of the most versatile exercises that you can do. Not only does it have an endless amount of variations but it can be done anywhere. It makes it the perfect exercise to do if you ever find yourself abroad or in a time crunch. Perform a sequence of these push ups to get a great workout in that targets your entire upper body.

The Standard Push Up

How To Do Push Ups
It’s the standard move you’ve been doing since grade school. If you think you’ve mastered it, try to incorporate a neurological coordination by squeezing your butt and abs on the exhale while performing this oldy but goody.

The Pike Push Up

How To Do Pike Push Ups
This variation will work the shoulders. Bring your feet in towards your hands while maintaining straight legs and a straight back, like a diver performing a pike. Lower your head towards the floor but keep your feet planted and your butt high. The closer you get your feet to your hands the more targeted the move will be on your shoulders.

The Close Grip Push Up

How To Do Tricep Push Ups
This targets your arms, specifically the triceps. Make a diamond shape with your hands and place them right under the middle of your chest.

The Clap Push Up

How To Do Clap Push Ups
This final variation is a dynamic move that incorporates your whole body and will bring your heart rate up as well. From the bottom of your push up explode up and clap your hands at the peak of your press. Catch yourself back in the push up position and immediately explode back up. The clap push up is a balance of control and speed. See how fast you can go with excellent form.

If you can get through a set of this upper body push up extravaganza you should do it again. You’ll find yourself walking away with a great workout and you would have never moved from the spot you started in.

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