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What is HIIT?

HIIT is an acronym for High Intensity Interval Training. It consists of short, intense bursts of exercise with either active recovery, by doing less intense exercise, or completely resting in between bursts. It can be applied to both cardio workouts and strength routines.


We have decided to base our exercise system on HIIT style workouts for two reasons: first, it’s effective and two, it’s time efficient. The workout is less than thirty minutes but this style of exercise will help the body burn fat for up to 48 hours later.

Do I have to stay home to do HIIT Training?

No. You can it at your favorite gym, or practically anywhere else. Although We’ve never been big on going to the gym, it’s great seeing so many people interested in their fitness. But sharing weights and waiting for space or machines only adds time to the workout length.

What equipment should I get?

A lot of the exercises use bodyweight, not only because of the simplicity, but because sometimes that’s all you have.  So most of the equipment is simple and easy to transport. Throughout the course of the exercises we will be demonstrating our workouts using resisted bands, kettlebells, stationary bike and a heavy bag etc.

Is Tabata Different than HIIT?

No, Tabata is a style of high intensity interval training. One Tabata lasts 4 minutes with intervals of 20 seconds of highly intense activity followed by 10 seconds of lesser intense activity. You can multiple Tabatas to make your workout longer.

What are the benefits of HIIT?

The benefits we focus on are the time factor and a phenomenon called the afterburn effect. Afterburn is when the body will continue to burn fat after a workout. A HIIT workout will produce this effect for upwards of 38 hours after its completion but has the strongest effect up to 16 hours after. As we stated earlier, a HIIT workout doesn’t last very long, which leaves time to do other things.

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